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The Building of Bedadi Village Has Begun!

After months of preparation and despite delays in local administrative planning, IDEALS, with local partner CAMP, has appointed a site engineer and work has commenced on construction of a village to house families left destitute and homeless after the earthquake of October 2005. They have spent this time living in tents; initially at the original site and then on land purchased for them by IDEALS.

Over the coming year, thirty families will have their own houses built and each will have a plot of land and be part of a community that will offer security and improved health to all.

All this has been made possible by donations from many individuals and some Charitable Trusts, who can be proud of their contribution. In an area torn by strife, construction of this village is a small event in the overall scheme of things, but It takes only one candle to dispel the darkness."

Fri 14 Dec 2007