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It is with great sadness to record the passing of John Beavis.

As his Irish forebears would say: What do you want, the truth or a good story? In John, the two always coincided. Read the full obituary here.

About Us

IDEALS was established in 2000 to help relieve poverty, distress and suffering in any part of the world affected by conflict and/or natural disaster. Since then we have worked extensively in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and, more recently, in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory, with the aim of providing humanitarian aid on a sustainable basis, forging links between emergency relief and long-term development. With the technical expertise available to us we have channelled our resources into the health sector: the provision of primary and secondary health care services in emergencies; the rehabilitation of health infrastructure (both buildings and equipment); the training of health workers (both hospital and community based); public health interventions; and the improvement of rehabilitation services for those with disabilities. We have also supported the delivery of other emergency relief (distribution of essential food and non-food items), construction and livelihood projects, to aid recovery in affected communities.

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We are committed to the strengthening of technical and administrative capacity within local organisations. Our nine year partnership with a local organisation Community Appraisal & Motivation Programme (CAMP) in Pakistan proved particularly fruitful. This collaboration resulted in the successful delivery of a series of emergency and developmental health projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan Provinces and the Federally Administered Tribal Area, regions devastated by earthquake, floods and ongoing conflict in recent years. Our partnership with Blue Mission in Lebanon has developed over the past five years and continues to provide essential health services for extremely vulnerable Syrian refugee communities in the south of the country. We have no office or administrative costs, and the hugely experienced team of trustees and supporters provide their time and skills on a voluntary basis. Thus all private donations or grants received are used exclusively to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate projects alongside our local partners. Have a look at our past and present programmes, or contact us for any further information you may need.

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