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News from Bedadi

After many months of repeated assessment of the house designs, ERRA (Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority), has approved the construction of the new Bedadi Village in North West Pakistan. The villagers have now been living in tents since October 2005 and they greeted the news that we are due to start construction with great joy.

The sewage and sanitation for each housing unit has already been constructed after the involvement of the Swiss based organisation TdH which has considerable expertise in these matters. When the village is completed each family will own its own property and with it gain the freedom from paying rent and obligations to work for landowners.

One disadvantage of the delay, due to the changing and rigorous building specifications ordered by the Pakistan Government, has been the greater cost of each house. Despite this increased demand IDEALS is determined to complete this important work within a year.

Tue 09 Oct 2007