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New Bedadi Village is now complete

Over 3 years after their homes were destroyed in the earthquake of October 2005 the villagers of Bedadi have at last moved into their new homes. There have been many difficulties to overcome. But despite the great delays, the village was finished to a very high standard of construction at the end of January 2009, a view that was recently echoed by a senior inspector from the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority. There were many spin offs from this development. The village men acquired new skills during construction which has meant that all the households now have an income and the community is self supporting. There is a temporary school at the moment and the Local Authorities have provided 2 primary school teachers to work on site and children are also attending from local village. One international NGO has indicated they are willing to support the construction of a new school and have suggested that the story of New Bedadi is a model for future endeavours of this kind. This work would have been impossible without the professionalism and extraordinary hard work of our partner CAMP (Community Appraisal and Motivation Programme). This relationship demonstrates that mutual trust and friendship between the participants is essential for success.

Tue 17 Feb 2009