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Excellent work with Occupational Therapy in Gaza

In Rafah, Southern Gaza on the Egyptian border a project of community Occupational Therapy was concluded with many good results.

The appointed OT was working with a major local charity, Al Asdiqaa Association, and ultimately overseen by IDEALS. Due to the blockade the number of OTs has diminished and so a major part of the project was to train families in their homes.

In addition it was essential to train Community Based Rehabilitation workers, (CBR) and Physiotherapists to consider and manage the problems of daily living in severely disabled people in order to enhance their lives and allow them to enjoy their place in the community. In addition the appointed OT carried out treatment in the patients’ homes.

During a good year over 600 patients were seen and treated in their own homes; A total of 824 home visits were conducted which cover all geographical location of the project in Rafah. Weekly training sessions held for their entire community based rehabilitation team, led by the OT and designed to enhance their OT skills; the OT is supervising adaptations to 100 homes for PWD in Rafah (work funded by the government's Charitable Works Agencies).

The OT reported on the results of training for OT assistants and workers:-

A total of 48 training workshop were held for 18 CBR workers and OT assistants.

Outcome of the training:

There was a shift in the mentality of the trainees from thinks as medical practitioner to creatively thinking as an occupational therapy.

The trainees could be engaged in designing simple devices that fit the needs of people with disability particularly children who are in need for social, mental and physical stimulation. (eg. interactive toys to stimulate sensations and fine motor abilities)

The trainees were able to create activities that engage people with disability particularly children in social stimulation activities, which include but not limited to, activities that promote ADL, productive, and leisure time activities.

The trainees were able to successfully conduct group therapy sessions, which promote socialization among group members, as well as exchange of experience which positively reflect on improving the group's performance in daily life.

Mon 04 Nov 2013