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Case History

A young Palestinian suffered a severe limb injury from an exploding shell and was admitted to Shiva Hospital. He had a wide open wound in the region of his hip and when the IDEALS visiting Limb Reconstruction Team reviewed him they gave the opinion that his limb could not be salvaged. With this opinion and further technical advice on how to undertake the surgery, the young man and his family were persuaded clearly and sympathetically that an amputation of the limb through the hip joint was the only way of saving his life and restoring a reasonable function. Prior to this there had been great reluctance by the patient and his relatives to consider this further treatment and the patient’s chances of survival were slight. Great co-operation with the ICRC Limb Fitting Centre has been maintained for the management of this case.


The operation, having been fully planned in advance, was carried out by the first IDEALS/THET King’s College Hospital Fellow, Dr Adnan Bursh with the help of a Plastic Surgeon colleague and another local Orthopaedic Surgeon. An excellent result was obtained. This procedure shows the great value of the King’s College Fellowship and the need to maintain a continued training and clinical partnership between Gaza and King’s College Hospital which was established by IDEALS.

Thu 25 Sep 2014