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Burns Unit at Karachi

Burns injuries are the commonest cause of death in children throughout the world and early correct treatment will alleviate the suffering and prevent death in many patients. Sadly, many doctors are not properly trained in simple but effective methods of treating burns. IDEALS is, therefore, proud to have supported Professor Shariq Ali, Director of the Burns Unit at Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi in his quest to develop high standards of treatment in Pakistan and throughout the world.

Professor Shariq has worked closely with IDEALS in development of Primary Trauma Care through out Pakistan and most particularly when we were giving assistance in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. As well as initially appointing him our local medical representative in Pakistan during this time, IDEALS granted Professor Shariq a scholarship to work in the Welsh National Buns Unit at Morriston Hospital, Swansea in the summer of 2006. In a manner that is typical of Professor Shariq he took his experience back to the unit in Karachi and has made a massive contribution to the development of high standards in his department.

IDEALS financially supported Professor Shariq's attendance at the British Burns Association meeting April 2007 where he was able to deliver a key note lecture on his Pakistan experience and education in primary burns care

Perhaps one of the most exciting "spin-offs" was Professor Shariq's inernational collaboration with Dr Tom Potokar from the Burns Unit at Morriston Hospital Swansea and Dr Shobha Chamania from India, in creating an international training organisation "Interburns".

The inaugural course was held at Dow University in June 2007 with IDEALS chairman, John Beavis, giving a keynote lecture entitled "Connections in Pakistan" and a teaching lecture based on his Hunterian Professorial account of the siege of Sarajevo. On this occasion a donation was made from IDEALS to start the library in the Burns Unit with money that was raised by the Old Varndeanians Association in Brighton.

This demonstrated, once again, that so often good actions lead to others.

Sun 07 Oct 2007