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An award recognising the work of IDEALS over many years

Chairman of IDEALS John Beavis was one of the runners up for “The Times” Sternberg Active Life Award given to individuals past normal retirement age who demonstrate very active lives.

The citation read “John Beavis, an Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, who, after undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery in 1990, retired from the NHS and volunteered at the State Hospital in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war. In 2000 he became chairman of IDEALS, a charity dedicated to providing relief to victims of man-made and natural catastrophes around the world".

John emphatically believes that the award, which was associated with a donation to the Charity, was really for those who, in the last twenty years, had made great contributions to IDEALS work with victims of natural and manmade disasters around the world. Hundreds of generous people have, unsparingly, given their time, expertise and both financial and moral support. It all, these people of many different nationalities, who have allowed the charity to continue to be true to its founding axiom of “Aiding in Emergencies and Giving Long-Term Support”. It is they who made the award possible.

Mon 04 Apr 2011