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Thank You and Well Done to the Nano Challengers

Ably led by Richard Cruttenden a group of young men planned and executed a journey by Nano Cars from the Taj Mahal, Agra to Trafalgar Square. They braved the roads of northern India and then Iran before entering Turkey and then Europe via Greece. Richard and his colleagues volunteered to collect sponsorship for this journey for IDEALS. We are delighted to report that over ten thousand pounds has been raised. IDEALS is grateful for their tremendous efforts

The travellers tell many stories of their adventure and in one of their blogs they described how difficulties at the Iranian border were overcome when they explained that our charity is supporting medical relief projects in Gaza. It is therefore good to report that, complex equipment was presented to the head of surgery at Shiva Hospital, Gaza. So far six thousand pounds has been spent on purchasing a fibre optic laryngoscope which is used for obtaining airways in complex facial and neck injuries or disease. This is part if IDEALS's attempts to offer continuing support in war and disaster situations and full instructions on the use of the equipment will be arranged for the practitioners in Gaza.

A remarkable venture has already produced great results... Thank you again.

Sun 20 Jun 2010