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Support For Health Clinic in Jalozai Refugee Camp, NWFP

In Mid December 2009 we received an appeal from CAMP to support their work of running a HEALTH CENTRE in the Jalozai refugee camp, which provides comprehensive primary health care services for 17,500 people displaced by the ongoing conflict in FATA and NWFP.

Grant funding from other sources finished in October but CAMP made a strategic decision to keep the project running until the end of December; in the hope that further funding could be obtained from a large international donor in the new year. Finding there was likely to be short term gap in funding, CAMP turned to IDEALS to prevent this vital clinic from closure. In response to their appeal, one of the IDEALS Trustees immediately promised the money required to sustain this work for the next two months, whilst CAMP does all that it can to secure longer term funding.

Sun 10 Jan 2010