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Midwifery Training Progresses Well

The training of student midwives from the FATA and NWFP border regions began in April 2009 and progresses well, with the first exam results demonstrating a generally high level of performance. All 15 of our trainees have successfully negotiated the "basic sciences" and entered the clinical phase of their training.

The young women are enjoying their studies which are taken in company with local students from Peshawar. This is a good project in many ways and not only because it is an attempt to change the appalling mortality and morbidity of mothers and babies in the FATA region but because it gives these young women the opportunity to engage in very useful careers and develop themeselves as individuals.

We now also have reason to hope that government funding will be available for the FATA Department for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health to build upon this pilot scheme and run future courses to expand the total number of FATA midwives (new graduates plus those in training) to 255 over the next three years.

IDEALS/CAMP will see this pilot scheme through to completion and then may be able to assist with recruitment of trainees for future courses through the provision of advice and local contacts.

Sun 10 Jan 2010